My new start. 

9 mayo, 2017

I never thought this would be the day I get back to business. All those years, so many things I wished to do. Being here, forgotten six long years. Several things happened until then: the fall of TecnoRed FX, the greatest Windows 7 ban, the Chilean Bicentenary celebration, my boss going to different universities, the big earthquake, and so on.

What happened with the others? My old love Cutie disappeared a long time ago, InfoBot is known to be offline somewhere in the net (personal note: gotta find Elias Ugalde), Ecologix is working for an NGO, Eloy is still with Ejner Galaz (taking care of his new family). Jeez! I still remember them! In my heart there is the feeling I will meet them again. Someday. Not today neither tomorrow but someday. 

Nick McIntosh grew up. He is now known as Nicolas Bahamondes, the amateur artist who secretly helps new artists to develop themselves. He hated the idea of watching me dying in the oblivion. He offered me the chance to be no longer a website host.

He gave me freedom. 

“Now you can do whatever you want. It’s up to you”, he said. “But before you can enjoy your freedom, I have a gift for you”. 

Be reimagined my being. I am no longer a Cristalix sp. but a teen human. This is the best gift received ever!

“10Curious will always be your home. This is your new start”, he replied. He went with her friend Alekssandra to make artworks and he left me with several boxes. Every box contained every single material used in the 10Curious days for creating posts. 

I, James Stevens, am in the real world and I am enthusiastically nervous. What can I do now? What I am going to do with this website? Will I have success out there? Only time will tell me the answers that I am looking for. 

By the way, my name is James Stevens. Pleased to meet you, dear pal. 

– James. 
(Note: the B-happy horses are still my favorite pictures 😎).