Who’s James?


A former picture of James before becoming a human. Age 7.

  • Full Name: James “Puffie” Stevens
  • Position: Former appearance manager at 10Networks. Currently free.
  • Age: 8 Cristalix Years (16 Human Years).
  • Hometown: Amerikanea, Dolbea.

Algo sobre James:

  • James is a curious guy who had the mission to present and arrange the most curious articles in 10Curious. Now he is retired and he is the sole manager of this website.
  • One of his most valuable belongings is Magic Paper: he is able to draw whatever he wants and the paper will grant him, materializing from food to devices.
  • He is eager to meet new people and to play. His favorite sports are Rollball and Mini Golf.
  • James is very friendly, you can be friend of him if you want to.
  • Before his metamorphose, he was a Cristalix sp. Now he became a human.

It is known that his former owner now manages AstralSoup Design. His address is here.


5 Responses to Who’s James?

  1. eliasmax says:

    xD puffie ¿Te gustaria ser mi amigo?


    Solo no te metas con mi avatar eh?¡

    Muy bueno tu blog

    el mio:


  2. eliasmax says:

    Puffie es el mejor amigo del hombre

    PSD: No le estoy diciendo perro xD

  3. tecnomax says:

    TecnoRed critica a Puffie mejor deberias quitar todo rastro de TecnoRed

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